Professional Europass CV Writing and Cover Letter services.

Europass CV writing services.

We'll highlight your competencies:

Where relevant - we'll evidence how you:

Contribute to company successes

Demonstrate expertise in your field


Deliver a customer focused service

Improve performance continuously

Engage and embrace change positively

Deliver results and exceed expectations


Deploy resource effectively

Work collaboratively with clients/customers

Communicate with impact and build rapport

Analyse information and deliver solutions


Develop new, innovative ideas and concepts

Encourage, motivate and inspire colleagues

Excel within IT and technical areas

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Europass CVEuropass CV and Cover letter

Europass CV Writing Services


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The online link to the employer's vacancy.

Include any guidance notes or other information provided by the employer. (Supporting competency framework or essential skills).

Your contact details: Telephone number, Skype user i.d (if applicable).

5. A draft will be available within 72 hours of receipt of your order and all information required to support your application. 


6. Your draft enables you to review its content and if necessary submit any amendments.      Acceptance / amendments by e-mail only please. 


7. Once approved, you will be able to present your tailored and succinctly written Europass CV with complete confidence.


We'll ensure your application showcases your potential, highlights your value and sparks employer interest.


Succinctly written paragraphs; designed to capture attention.


We'll help ensure your application receives the response it deserves. 


How the service works.

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We'll help you achieve success.

Your Europass CV is usually the first contact you have with a future employer. It needs to seize the reader's attention immediately and clearly demonstrate why you should be given an interview.


The team at CV Services 4U have extensive experience in this field, and will help you communicate your competencies, skills and attributes.


We set out your qualifications, skills and competencies clearly and logically, and ensure your specific attributes are clearly evidenced. We'll ensure your value is showcased and include qualitative, personally tailored, and succinctly written information within your Europass CV.

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Should you need assistance, please contact our Customer Support Team -

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