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Your consultant will provide answers that show how you:

Deliver service excellence;

Contribute to team successes;

Enhance business reputation;

Exceed customer expectation.

We'll show how your skills:
Match employers' requirements;
Evidence your suitability;
Validate you are an achiever.



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Entry level and Graduate level.





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Increasingly, employers are using on-line

application forms to assess candidates; 

providing them opportunities to undertake

comparisons as part of the selection process.


Uncertain, how to present your skills and the value you can offer an employer?


Need assistance communicating your achievements, skills and qualifications?  Concerned about spelling, punctuation and grammar?

Our expertise includes completion of competency-based or skills-based questions in job application forms. We also complete application forms which require Supporting Statements; matching clients' skills and experience with Person and Job Specifications.

Following an initial information-gathering exercise; designed to capture key information needed to articulate your value factually and credibly, we'll provide you with qualitative and quantitative answers to all questions.

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4. Email  Provide us with:

The online link to the form or a PDF/MS Word copy of the form.

Employer or agency website address (url).


Include any guidance notes or other information provided by the employer. (Supporting competency framework or essential skills).


Application closing date.

5. We will provide a draft within 48 hours of receipt of your order and all information requested in support of your application. (Express orders will be completed within 5 hours of order receipt).


We'll ensure your application showcases your potential, highlights your value and sparks employer interest.


Succinctly written answers; designed to capture the employer's attention.


We'll demonstrate your ability to meet their requirements.


We'll help ensure your application receives the response it deserves. 


How the service works.

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